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How the Inquest System Fails Bereaved People – February 2003 (second edition August 2003) (PDF, 312KB)
A 60-page report that brings together the themes that have emerged from over 20 years of working with bereaved people and attending inquests. It gives a voice to bereaved peoples’ observations and concerns as well as their proposals for change. £5.00 or a free download PDF.


Inquests – A Practitioner’s Guide (second edition) by Leslie Thomas, Adam Straw and Danny Friedman, Legal Action Group 2008
This unique guide contains a wealth of tips and tactical guidance from leading practitioners in the field of inquest law. There is a digest of resources and guidelines necessary to hold public authorities to account, guidance on how to approach narrative verdicts, with supporting precedents, and practical advice and information on preliminary steps, funding, disclosure and hearings.


paperback 736pp
ISBN 978 1 903307 57 1

Buy £48 (from Legal Action Group)
Read a sample chapter (PDF, 277KB)
Inquests: Are they Delivering Truth and Justice? - November 2001
A report examining and questioning the boundaries of the inquest system featuring transcripts of contributions from Louise Christian, Vera Baird QC, and INQUEST Co-Directors Deborah Coles and Helen Shaw. £5.00


Police Custody – Response to Complaints Against the Police Framework for a New System – February 2001
Renewing public confidence in the complaints system will only be achieved when there is a real openness and willingness to acknowledge fault. The lack of public confidence is not a cosmetic/presentation issue. It is not an issue of perception but a real problem in the effective investigation of complaints; in its failure to ensure lessons are learned from complaints. This response examines the system and highlights key issues. Not currently available.
Prisoners, Deaths in Custody and the Human Rights Act – September 2000 – INQUEST and the Prisoners’ Advice Service
This briefing considers the implications for prisoners’ rights and the examination of deaths in custody in view of the Human Rights Act. £5.00


Parliamentary Ombudsman’s report into the death of Kenneth Severin – 1999
Summary of the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s report into the death of Kenneth Severin. Includes INQUEST briefing and comment. Not currently available.
Inquests and Contentious Deaths – February 1997
Record of a seminar which relates to Northern Irish inquests and how the remit of the system was narrowed.
Buy £5
Lobbying From Below – Mick Ryan, 1996, UCL Press
Lobbying from Below conveys with graphic force the heavy toll of deaths of those in state custody from 1970 to 1996. The book provides a powerful study of INQUEST.
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