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New report shows positive impact of INQUEST’s service on bereaved families

19 December 2013

INQUEST has today published a report of a survey of families using our advice and casework service.  The survey spanned a period of three years, from 2010-2013.

During this time we helped 3,336 family members, a significant increase on the original number – 2,250 – that we had projected.

A staggering 88% of families surveyed reported that their state of mind was positively helped by our service during the aftermath of the bereavement, and no family reported a negative impact.

Overall the data collected shows all families reported INQUEST’s service helped them to at least maintain their physical and/or mental health and 65% of families reported a positive impact on their physical and mental health.

The full report is available to download here

Comments from families who took part in the survey included:

“INQUEST … helps you to understand a very complex circumstance which when a loved one is lost is already difficult. Our caseworker has also provided good advice, kind, supportive, helpful – without her and INQUEST this would have been an intolerable time for me and my family. Thank you so much.”

“No other organisation assisted – only INQUEST seem to provide this service. Thank you so much – your charity and those who work for you, especially our caseworker, have been a tremendous support throughout what was an almost four year ordeal, from the news of the death, to the end of the inquest…. Words are not enough – thank you all.”

“No-one else could provide this kind of support. It’s more than very beneficial, it’s exceptional, life saving even, and comes at a time when you don’t know where to turn and in circumstances that feel totally overwhelming.”

“I was bereaved, in shock, confused not knowing what was happening or what had happened. Coroner, police and hospital were no help. Inquest listened, advised and supported. I needed this service.”

“I do not know how we could have coped on our own in this traumatic time. We are immensely grateful to your charity for support and advice.”

“I cannot bear to think what those who go through this process do without the help of a charity like INQUEST. All of those who supported me were so helpful and friendly it was more than beneficial. A brilliant combination of practical help and advice, funding, getting the right solicitor and emotional support.”

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