INQUEST signs BIHR Human Rights Day letter

10 December 2015

INQUEST has a proud track record of using the law and a human rights based approach both to hold government to account following deaths in detention, custody and care and to work to prevent future deaths. We have used a human rights framework not only to hold the state to account but also to enable system change. To mark Human Rights Day we have joined over 150 organisations in signing up to the BIHR Human Rights Day letter.

"Today is Human Rights Day. Across the globe, people are celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This international Magna Carta for all humanity has inspired so much, including our own Human Rights Act.

Today we celebrate the often overlooked everyday differences our Human Rights Act makes for people across the UK. Our examples are many, whether this is supporting children to access education, stopping inhuman treatment of older people, providing refugees with safety, preventing discrimination, or offering justice for victims and families failed by the system, and many more.

Today we celebrate how our Human Rights Act strengthens our democracy, giving everyone a voice, and ensuring the powerful do not go unchecked.

Today we celebrate how our Human Rights Act does more than defend our traditional liberties. It makes the universal human rights we share with people across the world part of our law here at home.

Today the future of human rights in the UK is uncertain. Today we stand with the Human Rights Act recognising it is the promise of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights made law here at home. We urge our political leaders to stand with us."

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