INQUEST in the media 2007

The links below are to news items which featured INQUEST or raised issues of concern to us in 2007.

December 2007
An interview with INQUEST (Union Futures)
(Louise Giles) Prisons fail in duty of care for offenders (The Independent )
(Louise Giles) Prison service ‘failed’ woman who killed herself (The Independent )
(Azelle Rodney) Shot man’s family back law change (BBC)
November 2007
(Liam McManus) Inquiry as boy, 15, found hanged (BBC)
(Paul Coker) Custody death ruling a ‘betrayal’ (BBC)
(Martin Green) Ministry’s regret over Martin’s prison death (Derby Telegraph )
(Coroner Reform Bill) Brown’s first brings rights duties and disappointment (The Guardian)
Coroners Bill dropped from plans (BBC)
October 2007
Concerns over 600 deaths in custody in last 12 months (Black Britain )
(Unlocking the Truth) The Forgotten Bereaved (Community Care )
(Unlocking the Truth) No care in custody (The Guardian)
Poignant and private – the last Diana peepshow (The Guardian)
(Unlocking the Truth) When ignorance is never bliss (The Guardian)
September 2007
(Anthony Redding) Grieving parents welcome findings (Coventry Telegraph )
(Daniel Nelson) Family angry at ‘pointless’ inquest into man’s death (Community Care )
(Daniel Nelson) The lost boy: Two promising footballers, different destinies (The Independent )
Report reveals 500 custody deaths (BBC)
(Restraint of children) Young people have rights too (The Guardian)
(Adam Rickwood) ‘Punching’ children in custody needs urgent review, says boy’s death inquiry (Daily Mail )
August 2007
(Inquest delays) Fighting for military rights (The Guardian)
Concern over prison suicides (The Argus )
July 2007
Coroner tells Straw to act now on restraint in child prisons (The Guardian)
(Gareth Myatt) Adjournment debate urges inquiry (Hansard))
(Restraint of children in custody) Care concerns (The Guardian)
Children ‘at risk’ from jail restraint (The Guardian)
Damaged kids don’t deserve violence (The Guardian)
(Gareth Myatt) ‘Nobody can hurt him now’ (The Guardian)
June 2007
(Gareth Myatt) Use of restraint blamed for prison death of boy, 15 (The Guardian)
(Gareth Myatt) Inquest attacks restraint system (Channel 4 News )
Restraining children in custody is torture, nothing less (The Guardian)
Putting vulnerable children at risk (letter to The Guardian)
Outrage over changes to child custody laws (The Guardian)
(Adam Rickwood) ‘What gives them the right to hit a child in the nose?’ (The Guardian)
(Adam Rickwood) ‘At least I will be with Nana and Grandad’ (The Daily Telegraph )
May 2007
(Shahid Aziz) Violent white prisoner killed Asian cellmate after staff ignored warning (The Guardian)
IPCC is premature on de Menezes case (The Guardian)
(Corporate manslaughter) A perfect chance for MPs to have their say (The Guardian)
(Adam Rickwood) I can’t stay in here..I’ll kill myself (The Daily Mirror )
(Adam Rickwood) ‘No risk of self-harm’: the official verdict on the youngest child to die in penal custody (The Independent )
March 2007
(Gareth Myatt) A Day Inside, part 3 (The Guardian)
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