Police deaths

In the 10 year period between 2002 and 2012 there were over 380 deaths in police custody in England and Wales, as a result of police shootings or following contact with the police, and more than 290 deaths in police vehicle incidents.

INQUEST has identified a number of particular concerns that arise from deaths occurring in police custody:

  • deaths which raise issues about standards of care such as deaths due to self injury, alleged drunkenness or drug intoxication, or poor medical care;
  • excessive use of force by police officers;
  • disproportionate numbers of deaths following the use of force against people from black and minority ethnicity (BME) communities;
  • fatal shootings by police officers.

INQUEST has been involved in supporting the families of a high number of people who have died in police custody or following contact with the police, and is continuing to monitor such deaths closely.


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