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Inquest Law issue 33 (December 2016)

"I would just like to congratulate INQUEST on its latest edition of Inquest Law which I read with interest on a recent long train journey. It provides an excellent summary of up-to-date law, cases and issues, and is an invaluable tool for anyone who has anything to do with the coroner service of England and Wales (including myself). I look forward to the next edition."

HH Judge Peter Thornton QC
Chief Coroner


Published three times a year, Inquest Law is a vital resource for anyone working on the investigation of sudden deaths. Inquest Law is distributed widely amongst lawyers, coroners, academics and policy makers. Written by INQUEST Lawyers Group (ILG) members and invited contributors, it informs practitioners about recent legal developments relating to the inquest system and the investigation of sudden deaths, with extensive casenotes written by the leading lawyers in the field.The magazine also keeps practitioners informed of policy developments in related areas.

 Produced in a high-quality format, Inquest Law welcomes letters and other contributions on issues of importance to our readership.

INQUEST is the only non-governmental organisation in England and Wales working specifically on contentious deaths and the inquest system and as such Inquest Law is a uniquely valuable publication.

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Single copies and back issues To buy single copies of recent and back issues please click on the relevant links below:

Inquest Law Issue 33, December 2016
In this issue: Hillsborough inquests special edition; case law update and casenotes. (Single copy: £35.00)


Inquest Law Issue 32, April 2016
In this issue: Outcomes from a meeting between the ILG and the Legal Aid Agency; the Harris Review - changing prisons, saving lives; restraint-related deaths: what we learned in 2015; case law update; and casenotes. (Single copy: £30.00)


Inquest Law Issue 31, September 2015
Henrietta Hill QC reviews key changes over the last two years that have resulted from the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 and the associated rules and regulations in July 2013. Sara Ryan asks whether families should be represented at inquests by publicly funded lawyers. Jesse Nichols provides an extensive legal update; and ten individual casenotes on inquests covering deaths involving the police, prison deaths and deaths in care. (Single copy: £30.00)


Inquest Law Issue 30, September 2014
Dexter Dias QC writes about the legacy of the police shooting of Cherry Groce following the inquest into her death, examining what it has taught us about police-community relations, access to justice and the intrinsic value of historic inquests. Fiona McGhie and Nancy Collins of Irwin Mitchell solicitors discuss the effect that clarification of what constitutes the deprivation of liberty will have on jury inquests and Article 2 compliance. There is an extensive legal update and thirteen individual casenotes on inquests covering deaths involving the police, prison deaths, and deaths in mental health settings and immigration detention. (Single copy: £30.00)


Inquest Law Issue 29, April 2014
In this edition: Anna Edmundson, former Policy and Research Officer at INQUEST, and Charlotte Haworth Hird of Bindmans solicitors, discuss the process leading to the government's announcement that it is holding a review into the deaths of young people aged 18-24 in prison. Nancy Collins of Irwin Mitchell writes about the assessment of suicide and self harm in prison, and Gemma Vine of Lester Morrill solicitors discusses the impact of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 and the Coroners and Justice Act 2009, both of which were implemented in 2013, on inquest practitioners seeking legal aid funding for families. There is also a comprehensive legal update and a raft of casenotes covering deaths in prison, police and mental health detention. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 28, December 2013
The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman Nigel Newcomen writes about the challenges and opportunities that have arisen in his first two years in office. Also in this issue is a piece by the recently retired Coroner for Norfolk, William Armstrong, who writes a thoughtful reflection on his 18 years as Coroner and the importance of the inquest, which he describes as a 'very special form of justice'. There is a comprehensive legal update with the latest domestic case law and also a focus on recent case law from the European Court of Human Rights. Finally there is an extensive section of casenotes of recent inquests covering the restraint death of Jimmy Mubenga while being removed from the UK by G4S guards, several prison deaths including of two women and a vulnerable 19 year old, and a death in police custody raising important issues concerning police treatment of intoxicated detainees. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 27, September 2013
Issue 27 contains a discussion by Chris Williams of Tooks Chambers on the new coroners’ rules and regulations, and an extended casenote on the Inquiry into the death of Azelle Rodney which concluded in July 2013. It also contains a comprehensive legal update of domestic inquest law, and a broad range of casenotes of recent inquests. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 26, April 2013
The new Chief Coroner HH Judge Peter Thornton QC writes on progress towards a reformed coronial system. He is joined by Nick Hardwick, Chief Inspector of Prisons, who outlines the new approach being taken by the Prisons Inspectorate and Deborah Coles, co-director of INQUEST who discusses the need for a national mechanism to harness the learning from inquests and investigations. The issue also features a report by Adam Straw of Tooks chambers on the application under Section 13 by the Hillsborough families to have the inquest verdicts quashed and new inquests ordered, and a moving account from a family member about what it was like to represent herself at the inquest into her brother-in-law’s death in police custody. It also contains a comprehensive legal update, and a broad range of casenotes of recent inquests. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 25, December 2012
Matthew Ryder QC and Caoilfhionn Gallagher discuss challenges to ensuring open and transparent inquests. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 23, February 2012
Henrietta Hill examines a further attempt to allow some inquests to be held in secret through the Justice and Security Green paper. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 22, September 2011
Karen Quinlivan examines the McCaughey judgment at the Supreme Court and Lord Toby Harris updates on the work of the Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 21, June 2011
Reports on the 7/7 inquests judicial review; government proposals on funding inquest representation; Alison Davies writes about representing her family at the inquest into the death of her brother Terry Jupp; and Graham Smith looks at the Cass Report. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 20, November 2010
The coalition government’s plans to abolish the post of Chief Coroner; recent developments in inquest law; an introduction to AvMA and the Royal British Legion’s new inquest advice projects. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 19, June 2010
Fiona Murphy covers the key Lewis judgment; Henrietta Hill writes on the subject of anonymity at inquests; a report on the Bernard ‘Sonny’ Lodge Inquiry; and Leslie Thomas outlines his experience as Counsel to the inquest. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 18, December 2009
Reflects on the changes to the inquest system during 10 years of Inquest Law; Michael Mansfield QC on 35 years in the coroners courts; secret inquiries replacing the controversial secret inquests proposals; and a look at the Coroners & Justice Act 2009. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 17, September 2009
Looks at the legacy of the inquest into the death of Blair Peach in 1979, and features an article on Counsel to the Inquest by Nigel Meadows, HM Coroner for Manchester. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 16, April 2009
Covers the Coroners and Justice Bill, judical reviews and the lessons of the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 15, November 2008
Feature on Diana, princess of Wales and Dodi Al-Fayed inquests, articles on causation in narrative verdicts, military death inquests plus extensive news and casenotes. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 14, June 2008
Interview with HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, Anne Owers, extensive news and casenotes. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 13, November 2007
Lord David Ramsbotham interview, extensive casenotes and news. New design and layout. (Single copy: £15.00)


Inquest Law Issue 12, February 2007
Coroners reform process stalled (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 11, March 2006
Plans for reform of the inquest system and the Coroners Bill (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 10, September 2005
Pre-Human Rights Act deaths and post–HRA inquests: the case of Pearson. (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 9, February 2005
The application of Middleton. (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 8, October 2004
New Cross fire: second inquest 23 years on. (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 7, May 2004
Middleton & Sacker: Major Development in Inquest Law. (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 6, January 2004
Amin: The Legal Significance. (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 5, Spring 2002
Inquests and the Human Rights Act. (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 4, Spring 2000
DPP under scrutiny on unlawful killing of black prisoner. (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 3, Winter 1999
Police officers acquitted after five year fight for a Trial. (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 2, Summer 1999
Ombudsman: Severin complaint ‘Fully justified.’ (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 1, Winter 1998
Douglas family denied ‘Costly’ new inquest. (Single copy: £5.00)


Inquest Law Issue 24, July 2012
Paul Bowen QC, Professor Philip Leach and Deborah Coles write about upholding Article 2 following deaths in mental health settings. (Single copy: £15.00)

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