The Family Reference Group

The INQUEST Family Reference Group supports and contributes to our work from a family perspective.

"Due to serious neglect, my son Lloyd Edward Butler, died in police custody in August 2010. His death was like a dark heavy cloud hanging over our family - I felt that mentally I had been hit by a 40ft truck, I felt numb. Our coroner pointed us in the direction of INQUEST and ever since they have supported us during a very difficult and painful journey leading up to our son's inquest in June 2014. I am part of the family reference group because I know I could not have fought the long and hard battles to finally reach the truth by myself." - Janet Butler
"Following the death of my brother Mark, the 'police family' closed ranks - I felt bereaved, overwhelmed and isolated. The support given to me by INQUEST and solicitor, Ruth Bundey gave me the confidence to fight and stay focused during the eleven year IPCC 'managed investigation'.  I welcome the opportunity to work with INQUEST as part of the family reference group; there is much to be done if lessons are ever to be truly learned." - Michelle Chadwick
“INQUEST have provided huge support since we lost our son James in 2010, not least through an opportunity to meet other bereaved families.  It is a privilege and a pleasure to be part of the family reference group to do my bit to help INQUEST continue to support families so well.” - Tony Herbert
“I joined the Family Reference Group after my brother, Kevin died in prison custody. My brother suffered from poor mental health and I want to raise awareness about its impact on him and our family. Through my experiences I wanted to make a positive difference to how other people with mental health problems are supported in prison.” - Lee Jarman
“The journey that I and my family have been on has been a very long and strenuous one. At times we did feel as though we were fighting a losing battle but whenever we began to feel consumed, we remembered the fight that mum faced for 26 years, drew strength from it, and persevered. I want to encourage other despairing families to seek the truth and find justice in their own battles.” - Lee Lawrence
“INQUEST guided and supported my family through a very difficult time after my son John’s contentious death. Words cannot thank them enough. This is why I am part of the Family Reference Group, to continue the important work of INQUEST and to help other families going through the same hardship." - Bernard Mclaughlin
“My family would have been isolated and alone if not for the support of INQUEST when Mikey died in 2003. We join INQUEST and others in tackling the often poor quality and speed of investigations conducted by the IPCC, and an inquest process that is still seriously flawed in many respects. Both often fail victims and their families.” - Tippa Naphtali
"When Sean died back in 2008, if it wasn't for INQUEST and their lawyers my family would have been totally unaware of the huge stumbling blocks we were to face with the whole process of losing a loved one in State Custody. Frankly, it is impossible for any family to work without them! They have been a saving grace and so it is an honour to sit on their Family Reference Group, not least because it is important that families voices are heard jointly with INQUEST in the struggle for equal rights and justice.  Families are too often wrongfully left as victims, indefinitely." - Marci Rigg
"I became aware of INQUEST after the tragic death of my younger and only sister, Sara, who at age 17 died whilst an inpatient at a mental health hospital run by the Priory Group. INQUEST provided endless support to my family and I, offering guidance, practical help and a much appreciated ‘listening ear’ during our struggles to navigate our way through the minefield that is the legal system and inquest process." - Stacey Green
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